Vital Amigo

Meet Us!

Name: Guoji Zhang
Software developer
Name: Rui Wang
Information Service Administrator
Name: Long Chen
Network Systems Designer
Name: Jiaming Li
Software QA Engineer
Name: Shaoqiang Qiu
Software Testing Engineer

Our Project

The software we want to make is about checking if you are a COVID close contact .To protect the privacy of infected and asymptomatic people. Accurate information is not available to ordinary users, and data from hospital authorities and monitoring sites are fed into the database. Ordinary users enter their own information to compare with the database, and then the software automatically returns the results to the user, the results do not contain any personal information of the infected person, only the final results will give you whether you are a COVID close contact .Everyone has a record of coming home, and everyone has their real name verified, and every flight, every train, we can make good use of that to build a database.

Problem Tackled

Public health

We use the patient’s ID in the database to find out which vehicle they have travelled on, and use this data to determine whether the user is a close contact.