Meet Us!

Name: Ziwei Zhang
Name: Tian Huang
Name: Changyang Wang
Graphic Designer
Name: Sheng Tian
Sound Designer
Name: Tianhua Cao

Our Project

Our game is about eliminating virus in our body or organs and players could control the mini robots using different weapons to shoot. It could be divided into 3 levels.
The first level is in our nose. The goal in this level is that players must destroy all the virus in the map.
The second level is in our bronchus. The goal in this level is to escape from the virus and move upward as much as possible til the top.
The third level is a kind of tower defense. The players must use their weapons to protect the core machine from being attacked by virus.

Problem Tackled


We once had an argument about the form of our game as each one had different ideas about the design of maps and characters. Sometimes we also had no idea about game levels. After a detailed discussion, we could always find a way to solve that problem, from which we learned that team work and collaboration are bigger than single.