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Name: Ke Shihang
Name: Luo Yitian
Name: Zhang Junjie
Name: Hu Gengchen
User Research Engineer
Name: Hu Wenting
Operation, promotion

Our Project

Our company “The Five” is developing a software of inquiring and tracking patients for epidemic situation named “Covid-19 Tracking System” to help people who have taken long-distance transportation during the epidemic to check if people have ever taken a train in the same carriage with a confirmed or suspected patient and have had close contact with them and help the government and hospital trace more patients to prevent further spread of the epidemic with our data base jointly produced with the official.

Problem Tackled

Information share and privacy protection

We are facing strong market competition, during the epidemic, there must be a lot of targeted software, including those responsible for travel identification, those responsible for controlling population flow between cities, and professional medical software. But we also have our advantages. Our business content is very clearly divided. It is very efficient in tracking patients and preventing their spread. From the government to the masses, everyone can learn about the relevant situation. In the future, we can also continue to develop and join the information of multiple transportation systems and patients with multiple infectious diseases, which represents that after the end of the epidemic, our software can be continuously and widely used as well.
Our team lacks experience and no relevant work experience,also,there is a lack of financial majors in the team, and there is a lack of financial management. The only way to solve this problem is to keep learning. In addition to mastering their own professional skills, to form a company and make a marketable software, we need to know a lot of knowledge about the operation of the company, and constantly grasp the market trend in the subsequent promotion process. We will investigate a large number of users’ opinions, study hard and learn experience to make up for the shortage of financial management, make our logistics work more complete and constantly improve our software.