Meet Us!

Name: Shuyang Sun
Name: Yuanqi Shu
Name: Han Huang
Programming engineer
Name: Xinyuan Mao

Our Project

Our group has established a website called network hospital. In this year’s special context, medical power has become a scarce resource. When almost all doctors go to fight against the epidemic, some patients are just like abandoned, and some patients with serious illness can not find a place to settle down. Under the catalysis of this situation, the network hospital seems to be imperative.Our website can help the patients with mild to moderate diseases to carry out rapid and accurate treatment, which greatly reduces the burden of people going to and from the hospital and brings convenience for seeking medical advice.

Problem Tackled

Information share and privacy protection

Information sharing and privacy protection. Because information sharing can better determine the patient’s situation, such as sharing the patient’s previous medical conditions, but at the same time need to protect personal privacy, our solution is that only the patient can see, no one else can see.
The second challenge is that there will be differences of opinions among the team members at the beginning of collaboration, which is not conducive to the development of the whole team in the task process. When our opinions diverge or even conflict, we will first find a way to calm down, and then carefully analyze to find the best solution.
To identify and prevent false information, we take measures to be stricter in information review and increase penalties for false information, such as blocking accounts that pass false information for a period of time.