Meet Us!

Name: Le Lei
Code Designer
Name: Tianlong Gong
Project Manager
Name: Yilong Zou
Project Planner
Name: Junbin Yang
Name: Na Zhao
Project Tester

Our Project

Our project is to make a risk assessment of the serious epidemic situation in a certain area, which can make everyone easily understand the epidemic situation in other places ,and give people in those places some tips on measures to prevent the epidemic.

Problem Tackled

Public health

Information share and privacy protection
When users log in and use our project, as far as possible, it does not involve too much personal privacy of users. We only need users to register and log in through their mobile phone numbers or WeChat accounts, and do not need a series of operations involving personal privacy such as real name authentication.
Sustainable development
The project is mainly aimed at risk assessment during the epidemic, but how should the project continue to operate after the epidemic. We can add some risk assessment to other infectious diseases in a certain place to continue the operation of the project, which maybe a good idea.