Meet Us!

Name: Zhenghao Du
Leader & Program Designer
Name: Ziyi Zhou
Media Designer & Editor
Name: Zhihe Wang
Art designer
Name: Lilong Hu
Tester & Data collector
Name: Rui Cao
Product Designer

Our Project

Our project is a horizontal version of the flight shooting game, to help people kill time during the COVID-19 outbreak, while appealing for donations for people in need. In the context of today’s epidemic situation, we set the game background as 2050. Covid-50 virus is rampant, and the nano-robot invented by human beings will infiltrate the human body to eliminate the virus. In the game the player will control the machine submarine, launch the medicine bullet to eliminate the virus. Different from other flight shooting games, we use the horizontal version of the interface, but also in the operation of innovation, only have the press and release the screen operation. Comfortable painting style and simple operation can help people relieve the pressure during the epidemic. After the game is over, we will provide the player with a choice to donate to the Red Cross, appeal to the player to help the medical staff and the people in difficulty, and also represent the respect of our project for the people who really eliminate the virus.(When the player presses the screen, the robot moves upward, throws bombs downward, and stops the frontal attack; when the button is released, the robot moves downward and shoots capsule bullets at the same time. When the robot is exhausted by the virus attack or touches the border, the game is over.)You can clink the link to download and play our game on computer.!AtrKgVRuR4raihPp_8xukE0VT31o?e=OJdR0Q

Problem Tackled

E-Entertainment & Public Health

Challenge: E-entertainment
As a normal small game, our product is suitable for every age group, everyone can play it easily. This is a cross-section shooting game which only needs you to hold your mouse. You can play whenever and wherever you can exercise your reaction speed. hope it can make you happy and relaxed.
Challenge: Public Health
Our product is a game called Covid-2050 Destroyer. We made it to encourage people fight with Covid-19 and to show our wonderful expectations of beating Covid-19 and other diseases. By the way, we show a way to support British Red Cross fighting with the covid-19. When the game is over you will see a conspicuous sign about the Red Cross. We hope you can donate for the red cross to save lives, we don’t care how much you donate but the kind and warm heart you have.