Meet Us!

Name: Jianing Zhu
Name: Zixin Lin
Name: Tianyue Guo
Name: Jianhao Wang
Name: Enze Zhao

Our Project

It is an app with hardware technique to help senior citizen to monitor health conditions and simplify the procedure to go out in the COVID-19 times. Through the smart bracelet, the product monitors the user’s physical condition in real time. At the same time, it provide the middle-aged and elderly users with convenient first aid services — telephone calls and emergency calls, and generates reports through the analysis of health data over a period of time.

Problem Tackled

Public Health system

As one of the common phenomena of novel Coronavirus infected patients is fever, we developed a smart bracelet to monitor the user’s heart rate, body temperature and other health parameters and measure the relevant data in real time. Timely detection and resolution of problems, so as to ensure public safety during the epidemic.

Information share and privacy protection

Our project is realized by the combination of software and hardware. On the mobile app, users can get their own real-time health data. The data is presented visually in the form of charts and can be shared with relatives, friends and family doctors, making it easy for users to seek help from others and provide accurate data when necessary.