Rhine Lab

Meet Us!

Name: Ruiming Chena
team leader/artist
Name: Wenxu Liu
Production Introduce
Name: Ruoyu Zhang
Video Producer
Name: Kefang Zhong
Name: Boyang Xia

Our Project

The project is about a statistic project of a welfare which could gather information about infectious disease via the upload by the users who download, install and register in the application.
As the current epidemic is very serious, many residents are afraid to go out because they don’t know if there is any risk of infection around them. People need a more accurate epidemic map to help them better avoid the risks. And that’s what this project is about.
The basic goal of this project is to make a map of the epidemic, through which residents can see the epidemic situation around their environment more directly, and travel in a safer and more directional way. At the same time, through this project, residents in the community can also seek help in an emergency (when someone is sick or injured) without leaving the house, and it is very convenient to see the existing medical resources in the community. This is the basic function of the planned project, which is believed to meet the needs of a large number of residents.
In the following development, the project will be continuously debugged according to our planned framework, learn the advantages of other epidemic map software, and strive to do better and better. The team will first put the above basic functions into the project plan, and after the launch of the product, based on the user feedback, more useful functions will be introduced for the users to improve the epidemic map. As a test, you can first use this project among students, and ask them how they feel after using this project, so as to continue to improve until they can make a product that can be marketed.

Problem Tackled

Public Health system

Lack of knowledge about programming. This means that if our plan of the project goes too further, we may not achieve what we aim to have. When we were trying to finish our project we spent a great amount of time to fix and correct bugs and mistakes.Since all of our members have to face to a great amount of lessons (and, also exams of these lessons) it means that we may lack of enough time to do more.
More competitive projects that could overcome our project – that means if our project cannot become better than other’s similar projects, we would lose competition while facing the challenge from similar and better applications.