Meet Us!

Name: Dawn Peppiatt
Media Design & development
Name: Sonia Stone
Media Design & development
Name: Wojciech Marek
Hardware/ Software engineer
Name: Sophie Glanville
Software engineer
Name: Matthew Porter
Media design & development

Our Project

Team WSSDMs project is a small remote controlled survey vehicle we call the ‘Survey Bot’. The concept of the Survey Bot is that of a remote controlled vehicle to allow users to survey, assess and monitor areas from a distance through a camera onboard. We proposed that the Survey Bot will be useful for multiple different scenarios for our target audience (we assume will be small construction companies) such as;
-In quickly developing areas in which static security cameras are made redundant as development occurs,
-Surveying small areas in which a human could not otherwise view
-For small companies where manned surveying is expensive, dangerous or inefficient.
Team WSSDM designed the Survey Bots structure to be 3D printed and ‘flippable’ with a tank-track like way of movement – this along with the hardware and software means the device will continue to be functional if the device somehow is turned over.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The device will provide businesses the ability to remotely and quickly assess environments with the idea of security in mind in scenarios such as where assessing by person could be dangerous, difficult or inefficient.
The Survey Bot is in itself a new improvement on existing infrastructure, filling a roll with outdated solutions as the Survey Bot could be used in place of a person who might be unable to explore hard or dangerous to access spaces as well as improving on the concept of static cameras as site development might impair its usefulness.
The Survey Bot also promotes sustainable industrialization as a sustainable technology, it is mostly 3D printed which is getting more and more accessible as a form of device construction, we expect that if given the chance the different filaments could be used to print the main part of the Survey Bot, for example if the survey bot requires a less rigid material if we find that a rigid material cracks or potentially even the exploration of using recycled or more environmentally healthy material such as wood based filaments