Meet Us!

Name: Fajr Mumtaz
Team Leader, App Developer/Designer
Name: Zayyid Ally
Video Editor, App Developer/Designer
Name: Chun Lai
Not yet contributed
Name: Ehsan Rafiq
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Our Project

Our project is known by the name “SAFU” (Shopping Assistant For U). As the name suggests, the purpose of this product is to aid consumers/customers with their shopping by acting as a virtual assistant which in turn, replaces the role of shopping assistants. SAFU fulfils this role by allowing the user to create a shopping list before the shopping trip. Once this list is made, SAFU will direct the customer in the store according to the list they made in order from the closest to them to furthest away to make the customer’s trip as efficient as possible. The customer can also use the barcode scanner built into the app to for example find the aisle that contains an item that they randomly stumbled across in the wrong aisle. SAFU was designed to help those that always need the help of a shopping assistant when they are not always available. Instead outright replacing the jobs of the assistants, it actually relieves the demand for them allowing them to get on with more important work in the store. Originally, SAFU was meant to be a product in two parts, an app and a device. The app was to be used to create the shopping list beforehand and it would generate a QR code which the user can scan with the device found in the store. The device would then take the role of being the shopping assistant as it directs the customer around the store. The device would have been funded by the firms as a result of the benefit that outweighs the cost for them as customer satisfaction for that store increases. Because of the current pandemic, the app device model had to be revised into a purely app-based system.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

Good Health and Well-being. When it comes to this global challenge, the SAFU app has quite an impact on it. The app was designed to make the lives of the users more efficient in turn increasing their well-being. Customers don’t have to wait around for assistants or have to worry about forgetting any item’s as the shopping list has already been made in advance. Shopping assistants also don’t have to worry about overworking themselves as they rush between helping customers and doing their own job which also increases their well-being.

Global Challenge 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

With SAFU, the team is confident in saying that it is innovation. There is nothing quite like it in the market and it is evident there isn’t as traditional shopping assistants are still at large today.

Global Challenge 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Coming back to the traditional shopping assistants, their workload has decreased which has improved their state of work and when it comes to Economic Growth. While the market for supermarkets is huge largely because it is a necessity for human life, more people are inclined to shop as customer satisfaction increases which would lead to an increase in consumer expenditure which ultimately leads to economic growth.