The New Vision

Meet Us!

Name: Jamal Mahamoud
Design, video editing, coding and building project
Name: Muslim Mahamoud
software and programming using Arduino IDE
Name: Raza Mohamed Naazer
hardware and component needed for the project
Name: Abbas Ghyas
project planning
Name: Zachariah Lewis
Research about the problem

Our Project

We have created a product that analyses the contents of a bin and output data such as if it is full, what it contains and the quality of air. By using multiple sensors and efficient code we can detect and output this data

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

By Optimising logistic resources while reducing collection and reducing delivery costs by up to 50% We believe to decrease the number of car use for collecting bin by 29%. Number of employees by %10 this will help reduce the amount of time staff goes on strike.reducing delivery costs by up to 50%, by sending efficient routes directly to drivers

Global Challenge 6: Clean water and sanitation

To eliminate over-filling bins and emergency call outs for collection bins and know when they need to be collected

Global Challenge 15: Life on Land

Reduce this country’s carbon footprint by reducing the number of bin collecting cars