The Incredibles

Meet Us!

Name: Jake Clarke
Name: Daniel Childs
App development
Name: Qasim Hussain
Prototyping and design
Name: Hamza Waheed Khan
Prototyping and design
Name: Qais saeed
App design

Our Project

Our product is an automatic pet feeder that uses an app to set timers for when the pet food is released. When the timer goes off the doors will open, and the food will be dispensed into the dog bowl below. The app has a door override button that will allow the user to open the food container doors remotely at any given time for situations like when they forget to set a timer or the bowl is empty and they want to give the pet a bit more food.
Further developments are as follows:
There will be a notification sound selection feature in the app to change the notification sounds on the user’s phone so that the user can change the sound to something they can recognize.
There will also be a camera on the product that will link to the app controlling the food release times. This will enable the owner to keep an eye on their pets and to ensure that the food is being dispensed correctly by the product and eaten by the pets. It allows the user to see if the device is working and if not, the owner is able to open the doors manually with the use of the door override button in the app. This ensures the owner is aware of the food given to their pets to ensure they are not left hungry.
The app will also be able to link up with the sensors inside the food container and display a food indicator level in terms of full, medium or empty so that the owner knows when the container will need to be refilled.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 15: Life on Land

Our Product helps improve life on land by giving pet owners an easier way to maintain their pet’s well being. The product allows people with busy or unpredictable schedules to take proper care of a pet by pre-scheduling the device to release food. This improves the pet’s wellbeing while their owner is away and keeps their mental and physical health in an ideal state for when the owner returns home. For future development, a camera will be added to the device. This will allow the user to keep an eye on their pets and the food bowl while they are away. It will also allow the user to make sure that the device is functioning as intended and if not or if the bowl is empty they can press the door override button to release the food remotely at any given time.

Global Challenge 2: Zero Hunger

Our product helps to reducer hunger in pets by giving owners a way to ensure that their pets are being fed despite how busy life gets. It ensures that the pet does not go hungry while the owner is away so that they can live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It accomplishes this by allowing the owner to remotely set times for the device to release food. The Owner can also keep an eye on their pets, the device and how much of the food is being eaten by using the built-in camera on the device and using the door override button to remotely open the doors at any given time if they think they should feed the pet some more.