The Helpless Llamas

Meet Us!

Name: Joseph Nicholas Jones
Parts Obtainment and Product Assembly
Name: Callum Malyn-Wicks
Electronic Module Programming, Project Management & Social Media Manager (@DynaFlowIF)
Name: James Hadden
API Security
Name: Sayadul Kamran
Website Development
Name: Kane Greenway
API Creation

Our Project

Project DynaFlow was created to utilise water consumption from taps or showers to generate and store power through being integrated with the households existing plumbing. The generated energy is then stored in a battery which the user can use through USB ports. As a secondary function, the DynaFlow product will also monitor how much energy is being generated which will be sent a website which the customer can access.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 13: Name of Global Challenge Climate Action

This challenge was solved by creating renewable energy through the usage of water flow. This utilises a turbine (dynamo), which rotated by water, to generate its power. The energy is then stored in a battery that the user can use.