Team Shred

Meet Us!

Name: Amad Uddin
Graphics Designer, Video Editor & Hardware Engineer
Name: Conor Harris
Software Engineer
Name: Safyan Hassan
Researcher & Programmer
Name: Mohamed Hassan
Hardware Specialist, Programmer & Researcher

Our Project

Creating a automated fish feeding system. The purpose was to make a convenient and affordable way of pet users to take better care of their pets insuring they are fed without them having to do it themselves.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 14: Life Below Water

The global challenge we wanted to tackle, was to prevent the loss of pet fish. Most people do not take note of this. However, as animal lovers and lovers of all things nature, we wanted to put a stop to this. The most common reason of pet fish’s dying were that they’re not being regularly fed. So people were getting these fishes as pets but were not willing to commit to them. We are not just talking about your common gold fish but a lot of exotic tropical fish which people were importing from outside the UK to have in their home exhibit. We as people tend to desire things which are in short supply or know not everyone can have right? That is what some owners were doing. illegally importing in rare breads of tropical fish to have in their tanks. Now the problem stems from that is, you’re paying excess amount of money to illegally have these fishes but not willing to take care of them? Which leads of the fish dying. Moving away from the illegal pet trade to something which is more relatable to your average person is, having a gold fish. Any type of fish without being fed will eventually will float to the surface and die. Not having its water changed not being fed, the temperature of the water being wrong. Well we bought our heads together and created a simple but sophisticated automated fish feeding system! So how does it work? In retro spec the tank is fitting with a fully functioning sliding mechanism which sits just above the tank. Connected to that is a sort of cup holder. Now the cup holder is then filled with your choice of fish food either it be flakes or pellets. The system would be hooked up to a Arduino board which has been brilliantly configured to distribute food at a set time each day, depending on when the user has set it. This is all linked to a app which can be accessed from any functioning smart device. Where you can manually set the time daily you want your fish to be fed. Also you can set it to dispense food every other day if you do not wish to feed your fish daily. Now if for example the client is not home and the room temperature drops or increases, a smart thermometer which has been hardwired into the tank will detect the drop in temperature. Which then automatically sets on a heated lamp which sits above the water and is triggered by a response given from the thermometer. Lastly to answer another question someone may have is, what if the cup holder has ran out of fish? Not to worry we advice all customers to fill the backup food cabin with as much food as possible. This way even if the cup holder is empty, the cup holder has pressure sensors built into it, which detects if the cup is empty and needs to be refilled which singles the backup food cabin to place more food inside the cup. All in all I think we have come up with a system which is affordable and save our planets natural fishes and stop the loss of fish due to careless pet owners.