Meet Us!

Name: Osama Saifullah
Team leader
Name: Iqra Afzal
Assistant Manager
Name: Kasim Ali
Quality Control
Name: Gursharan Kaur
Programming Leader

Our Project

The project we have created is focused on mental health and how to tackle it. The product we have created is a chair, with an SP02 sensor which will monitor blood saturation and beats per minute of the heart. This will calculate the stress levels of the person sitting on the chair. This will be followed by certain lights being turned on and certain music being played to get the user calmed down or excited etc.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

We have tackled the global challenge of healthcare by tackling mental health. Our product can be used in hospitals, mental health institutes and residential homes to soothe the mental health of users by lighting and music.