Meet Us!

Name: Andrei-Alin Murjan
Software Engineer & Hardware Architect
Name: Jashandeep Kaur
Web Developer
Name: Ambrin Sani
3D Designer
Name: Nida Sani
3D Designer

Our Project

The project we worked on is the Reinforced Pill Box. It is designed to give out the medication at a time set by a supervisor, while the patient just benefits from the product and is reminded for when to take their medication.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 3: Good Health and Well-being

The pill box that we have designed aids the elderly who may be suffering from dementia or other mental illness that impair them from forgetting to take their medication.
By designing a reinforced pillbox, users will not have easy access to the stored medication as we are trying to prevent overdosing. The device will give out the prescribed amount on a daily basis to ensure user safety.
The pill box will be controlled by an app that is designed by the team’s software engineer. It will be used to make sure the alarm is set correctly. The product will be also come with a belt to make the box act as a fanny pack such that users are able to carry the pill box whenever they see fit.
Find more info at https://www.reinforcedpillbox.co.uk