Syntax Terminators

Meet Us!

Name: Philip Jelfs
Rainmaker and Construction
Name: Yaniv Cadosh
Visionary and Programmer
Name: Marcus McGee
Customer Champion and Construction
Name: Thomas Mathews
Innovator and Programmer
Name: John Edo
Customer Champion

Our Project

The Syntax Terminators developed a Smart Bin to help Citizens to make it easy to differentiate between Cardboard, Paper and General Waste with the Three in One Smart Bin. With features such as lid rotation controlled by pushbuttons as well as an LCD display screen that will display what bin lid is currently open and available to use.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 15: Life on Land

One of the global challenges we feel we tackled was ‘Life on land’. As our bin encourages people to separate waste according to what type it is. This means that less non-recyclable materials such as general waste (Plastic bags, kitchen roll, coffee cups etc) are mixed together and sent to landfill, therefore helping the environment to stay as clean as possible.

Global Challenge 13: Climate Action

Another Global Challenge we have tackled is ‘Climate Action’ as our product prevents pollution by reducing the need to gather new raw materials, and reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators.