Meet Us!

Name: Kaseem Khan
Team Leader
Name: Harley Hill
Networking Specialist & Resource Investigator
Name: Cameron Leevers
Digital Media Specialist & Implementer
Name: Mihai Nastase
Computer Science Specialist & Implementer
Name: Shriya Sami
Resource Investigator & Evaluator

Our Project

Our project centres around environmental sustainability, in particular, how we can achieve a sustainable future through exploring innovative technology. Our product focuses on roof garden design and monitoring, through which we aim to improve global environmental sustainability.The product itself is a modular, ‘pylon-like’ device that will utilise various motors and sensors to record: soil moisture, air temperature and humidity, the sun’s positioning and UV intensity. Using a ‘plug-and-play’ design approach will allow customers to choose the sensors they require. The product’s main unit will be rechargeable via USB, making it a low-powered, eco-friendly device. Collaboration with students from BCU’s ADM department – and their client Marshall’s Design – has given us an insight into the practicality of our product in a roof garden environment. Visit our website for a more detailed information on our ‘earth-shattering’ device:

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 15: Life on Land

Our project aims to tackle environmental sustainability. According to the ‘Global Goals,’ this meets with goal number 15, ‘Life On Land.’ We have designed our product with consideration to environmental factors that require monitoring within a roof garden scenario. Through this gathered information, we will begin to make a positive impact within a niche environment; gradually making a positive impact on cities.