Meet Us!

Name: James Emms
Team Leader
Name: David Westwood
Name: Asadullah Babar
Market Research
Name: Phillemon Tsagwa
Customer Relations
Name: Albert Celea

Our Project

This is a device that will aid people who are blind or visually impaired. It will be a small portable device that can be used in a variety of situations. What the portable sensor does is detect the distance of walls so a blind person can walk around an unfamiliar area without having to touch everything to know where they are. It works by using an ultrasonic sensor that sends and receives a signal that bounces off that wall and vibrates the device in shorter intervals when you get closer to the wall. The idea is to help people who have visual problems in a simple discrete and dignified way. It is difficult losing your sense of sight and any device to aid the senses we think would be a great help. This will be the first in a line of similar devices that will work with the same technology. The first device can be further developed on a cap or pair of glasses that will give more than one directional distance indication at once, so a person could move forward backward left or right and have a good indication of the dimensions of a room with minor vibrations built into the device.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 10: Reduced Inequalities

Although there is not necessarily a bias against the blind or partially sighted, there are still everyday problems that stop them from living the life they may wish to lead. There are products such as sticks available however these are not discreet. If a blind or partially sighted person wished to go out in public, or even walk around their house on their own they would have a lot of trouble. This device is the basis for removing this problem. The device is small and easily hidden so any stigma or inequality between the user and other people is taken away. This is not a problem that can be completely eradicated by this device, but it should help to aid the people of the blind and partially sighted community to integrate more. Public buildings will be made safer for the user as they will not need an internal escort. Instead they can use the device and a form of echolocation to work out safe and dangerous areas for them.

Global Challenge 3: Good health and Well being

The well being of the blind and partially sighted community is important to us. Walls, lampposts, tables, and an assortment of other objects that we ignore can cause serious damage to a member of this community. Whereas a lamppost may cause a hindrance to everyday folk, to people of this community they could damage themselves from a bruise to a concussion and possibly worse. Our product will help prevent any health problems from forming as a result of trauma to the skull. Removing the stick from the blind or partially sighted persons grip would allow for faster reflexes and more maneuverability which should also help them prevent damage to themselves.