Pink Butterflies

Meet Us!

Name: David Cottrell
Design and construction
Name: Matt Hanson
Video Editor
Name: Conchita Foster
Business and marketing
Name: Ben Mcpherson
Risk Assessment
Name: Callum James

Our Project

A walking cane that uses an ultrasonic range sensor to assist blind people detect whether objects are near them as they walk. The handle will vibrate as objects get closer to the cane and a buzzer will activate when an object is very near.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 3: Good health and well-being

This project aims to help blind people avoid injury and stay safe by helping them to gain a more accurate sense of their surroundings while they walk.

Global Challenge 10: Reduced Inequalities

Reduced inequalities.This project also aims to give blind people more confidence and freedom to do things normally made very difficult by their disability, also as this walking cane will give them a more accurate sense of their surroundings.