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Name: Hamzah Mahmood
Project Planner and Financial Analysis
Name: Babar Sadique
Product Constructor and Coder
Name: Shania Patel
Test Case Planner
Name: Tiana Myers
Video Editor and Risk Assessment

Our Project

The Smart Watering System is an innovative upgrade on agricultural technology that solves the wastage and inefficient distribution of water to plants in irrigation and subsequently the need to monitor and water plants/crop on a perpetual basis.
This innovation works with a system of sensors and relays which monitor each individual plant’s water need and delivers water as needed. Little human intervention is needed, as all one needs to do, is to fill the water tank. The Smart Watering System is the future if irrigation technology.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 3: Zero Hunger

The Smart Watering System is one that is geared towards the agricultural industry. Countries in the world such as Tanzania, India, Nigeria that experience famines and food shortage due to little or no available water (Woodward, et al., 2012). The small amount that is available for plants, is often not adequately shared among needing crops, and as such the maximum benefit is not reaped. The smart watering system ensures that every drop of water is accounted for and goes to areas where needed. This solves hunger as the maximum crop profit will be realized, in areas that need it the most.

Global Challenge 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Target 9.5 of the Global Goals is to enhance research and upgrade industrial technologies (Global Goals, 2019). In this briefing, it states that one of the aims is to upgrade the technological capabilities of industrial sectors. In this instance, the creation of the Smart Watering System is allowing for an upgrade on the traditional, irrigation methods of technology, currently used in the agricultural industry, with the addition of sensors and unique analysis of every plant’s need before the distribution of resources.