Meet Us!

Name: Kangah Blaise Angoua
Name: Jaspreet Singh
Completer/ Finisher
Name: Bright Adjei
Video-audio editor, marketing
Name: Nosa Osahon
Name: Harvend Khatri
Resource investigator

Our Project

There is increase in population, change in our lifestyle and increase in the number of industries. The number of times the bins get constantly touched by users and due to filthy conditions formed around the corners, diseases are easily spreadable. It creates health issues for people. This leads to the spreading of some deadly diseases & human illness, to avoid such a situation we are proposing the smart bin product for everyone including government sectors, hospitals, schools, industries, homes and other places dominated by humans.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 3: Good health and well-being

The idea of the smart bin product proposal is to focus on aligning with the growing requirements of the society as well as government regulations to maintain and remain at the forefront of the economic health and safety needs. With the existence of all kinds of diseases in our society today – in the likes of “COVID-19” popularly known as coronavirus and others alike, it is therefore very important to ensure measures are put in place to help reduce disease spread. Smart bin product is targeted to all, especially those who take their health seriously and are seeking ways to fight current and future unforeseen pandemic diseases.