Meet Us!

Name: Biraj Sharma
Name: Nizar Assad
Creative Designer
Name: Mouad Elmennani
Name: Jaydev Patel

Our Project

Our product is about saving energy and making street lighting more efficient as it is constantly on and if streets are known to be empty there is no point in having it enabled. To do this we have looked at the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and had a look at which goals can we tackle.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

The way this was achieved is by using solar panels and wind turbines to generate power during the day for the solar panels and having a reserve battery as a backup when needed.

Global Challenge 11: Sustainable cities and communities.

This was also achieved because using wind power and solar energy is a sustainable source of energy and the street lights will be placed on highways and areas where street lighting is needed but may not be often used this is so that if that section of the road is used it will be safe to use.