Meet Us!

Name: Ibrahim Hoque
Full Stack Developer
Name: Haaris Khan
Web Designer/Researcher
Name: Mohammed Jahad Miah
Front End developer
Name: Mohammed Anees Hasan
Front End developer/Web host
Name: Arjun Jassi
Back End developer/Web Host

Our Project

Due to recent events, we have changed our project from a smart queuing system that could be implemented in stadiums to a web application. Our new project is an online platform enabling local communities to reach out to one another during this global pandemic. Through the features we have implemented, users are capable of posting any essentials that they are in need of and can ask for help via messaging to other nearby members. Unlike other social platforms, such as Facebook or Reddit, our web application targets specific, world related problems that are seen daily in local areas. Consequently, this application will still be beneficial to local residents after this crisis.
link to website: email: password: password1

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 3: Good Health and Well-Being

During this time of crisis, vulnerable people are unable to acquire necessities, including prescription drugs, grocery shopping and many more. This puts many at risk of deprivation which can lead to serious health conditions. Therefore our project tackles this by providing sustenance to local residents and also communication between one another, thus improving general wellbeing.

Global Challenge 11: Sustainable Cities and Communication

In addition to providing for those nearby who are vulnerable, our project provides an opportunity for local communities to engage with one another. Many of whom, before this crisis, would not have had a reason to talk to one another.