Converging Conecpts

Meet Us!

Name: Patryk Buczek
Team Leader – Programmer
Name: Danyal Jabar
Name: Ali Husnain
Coded snippets
Name: Ricardo Jorge do Rozario e Goncalves
Python libraries research, coded snippets

Our Project

Our project is a program used to provide users with factual data regarding COVID-19, we wanted the program to update itself when it runs so that users are always presented up to date data/information, it is information with graphs and statistics and we are ready to add more features such as specific per country graphs.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 3: Good Health and Well Being

The challenge we have tackled is regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), we tackled the challenge of misinformation and the accessibility to useful data and statistics, we found that to access statistics people generally have to scour the web not knowing what is true and first of all being presented by news articles rather than reputable websites such as the WHO or where facts can be found, we aim to centralise the stream of data from factual websites into one single program/app to be viewed when needed with live statistics being presented each time the program is used.