Meet Us!

Name: Ashir Aroma
App Development, Video Editing & Market Research
Name: Phinyada Sanpakaew
App Development & Video Editing
Name: Keaton Turner
Hardware Engineer
Name: Temiyato Olatuyi
Hardware Engineer

Our Project

Our project is called S.I.S (Smart Irrigation System) and is made in order to automate the process of growing plants/crops while also allowing someone to monitor them remotely and predict any issues before they even occur. This is done through a variety of sensors (soil moisture, wind, air quality, humidity, etc) which all take in information and feed it back into a central AI that takes the information and is able to predict how the plant is going to grow and the best time of yields, it is also able to automatically apply water when required, ensuring no water is wasted.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 2: Zero Hunger

This product can help a farmer maximise their crops and be able to ensure that they have the highest yield possible in turn making the farm a lot more efficient and creating more food for people.

Global Challenge 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

A lot of water is wasted in farming in which the crops are watered when they do not require it. Our product ensures that the crops only get water when they need it so that no water is wasted.