Meet Us!

Name: Aminul Choudhury
Name: Hitesh Joshi
Leader 2
Name: Mohammed Rahman
Software tester
Name: Nikhilinder –
Name: Nikhil Rathi
Graphic designer & overall supporter

Our Project

Our project is an innovative way of interacting with the PC and enabling the usage of such devices to people that cannot operate them. This includes physically impaired people that may not be able to use the mouse to move around the screen and do basic function such as left and right-click, but with our program, they will be able to move across the screen and use their pupil as a tracking point by using their normal webcam.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our product is going to tackle the decent work and economic growth global challenge. Sustainable economic growth will require societies to create the conditions that allow people to have quality jobs and our innovative product will let people have better workflow and more job opportunities will be created for everyone. One of the reasons for the increasing unemployment rate is that people with disabilities cannot work in a few areas. Our product will let disabled people work without restricting their potential this will further collaborate in the overall economic growth of all the industries. People that are restrained from using a computer because they have some sort of disability that makes it impossible for them to operate a PC will now be able to use one thanks to our product, hence, increasing the number of possible candidates for many types of IT or PC related jobs. The impact on the economy will be huge because it will offer more people the opportunity to work and further decrease the unemployment rate.

Global Challenge 4: Quality Education

Our eye-tracking software allows people who struggle to physically go to school because of their disability to use the computer and access school resources online especially now how a lot of schools are having to provide online resources for their students.