Meet Us!

Name: Jiawei Fu
Programmer and Game Designer
Name: Jichen Yu
Game Designer and Art Designer
Name: Shuo Feng
Plot Designer and Art Designer
Name: Fan Hu
UI Designer and Photographer
Name: Fasen Zhao
Art Designer and Project Manager

Our Project

Our team made a game against the background of the current epidemic. In terms of products, our products are mainly for people who have a certain degree of love for games. Now, what customers need is game products that are durable and have stories. In the process of the game, we set up 4 different checkpoints to simulate different epidemic situations, and simulate different infectious situations according to the wearing rate of masks. Our original intention of making this product is to let more young people and game loving people know more about the basic situation of the current epidemic, as well as more details and in-depth understanding of how to prevent the epidemic and the degree of protection of masks against the epidemic. We hope our products can improve the awareness of prevention and basic knowledge of the epidemic.

Problem Tackled

Public Health

Good health and well-being
It will help the public to realize the importance of wearing masks for epidemic prevention and control through different choices and endings in the game, and raise the public’s awareness of protection.