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Name: Dengyulong
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Our Project

The main target sites for establishing pandemic prevention are those who lack knowledge and awareness, and those who have some knowledge but do not fully understand it or solid knowledge but still want to know more about this knowledgeable person.Users lacking epidemic prevention knowledge can browse our website to learn the basic knowledge of epidemic prevention.People who have a certain understanding of epidemic prevention can consult the website to further understand and implement epidemic prevention knowledge.
You can also get more information about the outbreak, such as where it came from, the characteristics of the virus itself, and what countries are doing to protect it.We have created some basic functions for the website, such as a navigation bar to help users understand the outline of the website, help users browse the website intentionally, as well as big data analysis to update the global epidemic in real time and a special user feedback bar to solve users’ questions.Similarly, there are tutorials to protect against outbreaks, teaching users how to minimize the damage of the virus when they are out and how to protect against outbreaks at home.
In addition, the website sells professional medical masks, protective suits and medicines.Overall, we’re going to use code to create interesting and compelling information, where users don’t have to worry about large text and getting bored, or worry about too many pictures and videos, lack of strict documentation support, and the site will not only tell you how to do it but it will tell you why to do it.

Problem Tackled

Public Health system

Our website first introduces the virus to let users know about the virus, and then we put some common knowledge about the epidemic on the website, so that users can learn and watch.Users can see the pictures of the products we sell on our webpage. Users can tell us their needs in the comments below. We will try our best to solve them.