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Name: Hao yang cheng
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Name: peng sheng
Project designer
Name: liu wang lue
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Name: zhang heng
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Product plan Team17

An excellent team working together can better gather ideas and think about problems and direction are different, so we can get the best solution. One person meets one.It’s hard to get a satisfactory answer even if you think hard, but if a group of people.
The effect of thinking about a problem is definitely different. Brainstorming is especially popular in a period of time,It’s about a group of people giving different opinions and solutions to a problem, and then integrating them.All the ideas eventually come to a most satisfactory solution, and in the process, the individual learns
There are also many things. Effective communication can also shorten the distance between each other and increase.Add team cohesion.The team is a community composed of employees and management, with common ideal goals, willing to In the process of team development, through long-term learning
Run in, adjust and innovate to form an active, efficient, cooperative and creative group to solve problems.To achieve a common goal.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new product novel coronavirus pneumonia. Our target audience is all those who are concerned about the new crown pneumonia data or news information. Our products need to satisfy the needs of customers as much as possible. Our website is also built on the core of customers. Our company is developing a product website to prevent false rumors of new crown pneumonia, which is mainly for the sake of all those who are concerned about the epidemic. Sure news, you can trust to know the real-time data about the epidemic in our website. So our product also pays attention to the authenticity and real-time of information sources, to ensure that customers can get the information they want from our product in the first time. At the same time, our product is aimed at all target groups, so considering that the elderly are not familiar with the use of electronic products, we will meet the needs of customers with a simple design style.
1. Customers who buy advertising spaceA lot of apps are selling AD space, which is obviously a profitable option for everyone. The launch page, the Banner page, and even the list page are all places to place ads.2. Operation of other similar productsThe market is not only a zero-sum game, but a win-win situation for all. Win-win cooperation is the way to go. And APP to APP user exchange is often encountered. Let’s say you have a flow APP. I’m a van APP. Since both of them have the common attribute of drivers, resource exchange can be adopted to increase the user base of the APP. If resources are not equal, it can also be done through the mode of partial exchang

Problem Tackled

Public Health System

Our team has made a website about the prevention of false information during the epidemic, which can see how to prevent a large number of rumors on the Internet and where to pay attention to the correct information. At the same time, we have also added how to protect ourselves from viruses during the epidemic.