Meet Us!

Name: Ruien Chen
financial staff
Name: Yuanyuan Xiao
after-sales service
Name: Zheya Chen
personnel management
Name: JIajing Ren
Online after-sale
Name: Kexin Chen

Our Project

Our company Pet general mobilization is developing a website about pet feeding and pet rescue to help the owners who can’t accompany the pets during the epidemic due to various reasons or are abandoned due to the epidemic, and solve the problem of pet feeding and survival of abandoned pets when the owners are not at home.

Problem Tackled

Recognition and prevention of fraudulent information

Our team’s website has a very rigorous information review system to ensure the authenticity of every information provided by stray pets.When users provide the specific location of stray pets, special volunteers will go to the destination to confirm the status of the pets and report it to the platform.The platform ACTS as an intermediary to contact the nearest cooperative pet agency for treatment of stray pets.In terms of the selection of foster families, the website will send volunteers to investigate the real situation of foster families and make irregular return visits within one year after the adoption.