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Name: Zhao Weiting
Name: Li Siyu
Name: Wang Siyi
Name: Zhong xinyi

Our Project

As the global epidemic about COVID-19 continues to spread, the number of people infected in the global outbreak is also increasing. So the site’s main customers are international students. Therefore, this website can make it more convenient for international students to deal with their problems about COVID-19 and seek help better. Our website consists of 4 parts: introduction, trip, diet, tips. Introduction means introduction about Covid-19. Trip means epidemic prevention measures need to pay attention to during the flight. Diet means epidemic prevention measures to pay attention to during dining.Tips are the contact about embassy and help center to solve problems. We used DW and AI to finish our website.

Problem Tackled

Public Health

Good health and well-being
Due to the impact of the global epidemic, the public location is very easy to be infected with the virus. In addition, the epidemic situation in foreign countries is gradually increasing. Many foreign students also lack the knowledge of epidemic prevention about public health. Our website provides the knowledge of epidemic prevention and how to effectively disinfect in the public area, which allows foreign students to ensure their own safety.

Information Share and Privacy

Medical information share and privacy
Due to the impact of the epidemic, medical information in some countries is underdeveloped, and there is a lack of medicines and epidemic prevention equipment. Our website provides knowledge of medical prevention and epidemic prevention, as well as the help platform and contact information of embassies of various countries, which can effectively help international students to provide medical help.