Meet Us!

Name: Yijing Ruan
Name: Wenhua Zhang
Name: Shuheng Chen
Name: Yihan Li

Our Project

Our kitty punch studio is developing a visual novel game on the theme of wildlife conservation.The product is inspired by news video footage of wild animals frolicking into human activity areas during the outbreak as well as some rare wildlife species that appear in the field of vision due to the gradual decrease of human activities in daily life.Our game uses renpy as the game engine, and the engine is structured by python. The game will have a lot of questions about wild animals when people choose the right answer,they can continue the game so that people can understand wildlife and gain more knowledge of wild animals,We hope that through our products people can reflect on their past behavior and begin to pay attention to wild animals and protect wild animals,By enhancing people’s understanding of wild animals, people can learn more about the living habits of animals and know how to protect them.

Problem Tackled

Sustainable Development

Our products are committed to learning the knowledge of wild animals in the process of the game, so that people can understand more about wild animals love wild animals, in order to protect biological diversity, and ensure the sustainable development of man and nature.


This is an educational game in the game to learn the knowledge of animal protection, so as to stimulate interest in learning, make learning more efficient.