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Meet Us!

Name: Qianqi Zhou
Name: Xingyi Chen
Name: Xinyu Zhang
Project leader,designer
Name: Yinsheng Zhang
Name: Qingyi Zhu

Our Project

The target users of our products are fruit farmers and consumers, who demand fresh and varied fruits and vegetables. Our prototype (MVP) has modules for login, registration, location, user feedback, etc. The rational use of Gaudet’s maps and back-end solutions can reduce the cost and time of developing a website, thus minimizing viable solutions. Once the positioning is clear, determine the business logic of the product and determine the presentation and layout of the product through a complete data orientation. It should then consider the storage and fetching of data, such as what types of values should be returned between each interface, and how the data changes after each request. And finally there’s the development and launch of the product.
Our company is developing a direct sales platform for fruits and vegetables, this platform can open up green channels for fruit farmers, increase foreign sales, help them solve the problem of stalled sales and transportation problems. Consumers can also choose from a wider variety of fresh fruits and vegetables here. Our company used HTML technology to create this website on DW. Not only does it break the traditional single-mindedness of sales, it also broadens the channels of sales. It both helps the problem of stagnant fruits and vegetables and gives people a more convenient and varied choice.

Problem Tackled

Economic growth support

We aim to achieve economic growth, so our products focus on the sale of fruits and vegetables. During outbreaks, fruits and vegetables unsalable serious, directly affect the fruit farmer’s income level.Therefore,we prepare to build a platform for people to pick and choose fruits and vegetables. Through a variety of sales models and transportation methods, consumers can have more comfortable shopping experience, so as to solve the problem of unmarketable fruits and vegetables, and finally achieve economic growth.It not only enables consumers to enjoy the freshest fruits and vegetables, but also enables fruit farmers to better adapt to the market economy, thus promoting the development of regional economy and finally realizing rapid economic growth.