Meet Us!

Name: Wu Wansi
Project Manager / Product Developer
Name: Fu Xuemin
 Product planning and Video production/UI designer
Name: Cheng Mo
Design chief / UI and Graphic designer
Name: Zhou Yuanping
Program tester
Name: Pan Yue
UI designer

Our Project

‘Rebirth’ is developing a shopping website on the theme of secondary life of objects, to help people who have more items to discard due to excessive garbage during the epidemic and to help low-income people meet their desire to buy. In general, the principal operation of our website is based on the conversion of raw materials, which obtain the full use of the limited resources during the outbreak of Covid-19.

Problem Tackled

Responsible consumption and production

Our project provides a simpler and faster way to increase the utilization rate of items during the outbreak of coronavirus. Users publish their idle items on this website. The items will be acquired by us. We will still retain some individual parts that have use value. Posting on the website allows users to buy at a better price than on the market. At the same time, users can also directly publish their idle items to conduct direct transactions with other users.