Champion Group

Meet Us!

Name: Wang Yiren
Name: Xiang Linrui
Name: Jiang Min
Name: Wang Xiaolong
Name: Gong Chen

Our Project

The project uses the pneumonia epidemic as a background, and designs and produces a second-hand trading website for people who are unemployed or unable to work. The feature of this project is the exchange of things. Users can shop directly on this website, or post their own idle items and exchange them.In this way, items that would otherwise be discarded, such as old furniture or books that you no longer like or even uneaten canned food, can be sold.
In this way, the situation of excessive garbage and insufficient living items during the epidemic can be largely avoided. Users can go shopping without going out, which also greatly guarantees that they will not be infected.
Iswap has been discussed and changed many times, both visually and in use, the final webpage is simple and atmospheric, and it is very easy to operate. Even the elderly who are not likely to use the Internet can easily shop.

Problem Tackled

Sustainable development

The outbreak has caused many problems by forcing people to stay at home. Our program addresses the shopping and furniture inconveniences caused by people not being able to travel freely during the outbreak, providing residents with a convenient and affordable lifestyle while allowing them to buy and exchange items online during the outbreak, reducing their exposure to the virus. Simple design of the web page, easy to operate, as long as users can use the Internet can skillfully operate our web page to buy or sell items. At the same time after the outbreak is over, our website will continue to be used and will be upgraded again to take different measures to deal with different social problems.