Absolute safety delivery group (ASD)

Meet Us!

Name: Yikun Li
Planning & General Coordination
Name: Chenlu Mai
Design & 3D Modeling
Name: Shanshan Du
Video & Physical Product
Name: Zeyu Lu
Circuit Designer
Name: Xueyan Li
Data Collection

Our Project

COVID – 19 spread throughout the world. Our city also suffered a very big shock. Based on the available information, we found that the number of people infected in the delivery service is very high, and the protection means are very limited: the delivery staff can still rely on the company to provide protection, but it is difficult for individuals to obtain effective protection measures in the case of limited productivity. We began to look for a kind of equipment that can effectively sterilize express delivery, in which we came up with the idea of transforming the existing express delivery cabinet so that it can be effectively sterilized. We started the initial design phase. This is the renderings completed after communication with the team. This shape is the hexagon with the highest space utilization, and of course, it is also the intention of the aspirants to get close to a brand. Of course, due to the shape adjustment, the modular part has also been changed in order to install more firmly. The other functions haven’t changed much in nature. Speaking of functionality, the basic function we are currently developing is to use a 555 timer for 30 minutes of UV light when the cabinet door is opened and closed. It shuts off automatically after 30 minutes, and then you can pick up the express. The advantage of using ultraviolet lamp tube with food such as foreign sale also can carry on simple disinfection, unlike the disinfection solution can cause unnecessary harm to the human body.

Problem Tackled

Public Health

Good health and well-being
This product can protect express items during the spread of the virus. When a package is put into the product, ultraviolet disinfection is performed within 30 minutes. It effectively disinfects the surface of the delivery box, blocking possible germs between the user and the Courier.