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Name: Mingliang Yuan
Name: Siyao Mao
Name: Yuan Li
Name: Mingze Zhen
Name: Chuan Xiong
Market operation

Our Project

The website we made is to help vagrants living in the street,it is a pure public welfare platform, and we have close cooperation with major charities. We receive the donor’s goods, distribute them to various service sites through the platform, and then volunteers help the people in need. We don’t charge any fees from it. Through online and offline development, the platform ensures that every item’s destination has background tracking. Volunteers in the service station help customers one-on-one. We hope to make better use of the redundant resources from all walks of life through the platform.

Problem Tackled

Public Health system

Our products have solved the problem of tramps’ admission and management during the epidemic. In fact, during the period of epidemic prevention, in the face of tramps and beggars, many grass-roots workers will make some arrangements for these people, such as arranging a centralized residence to provide daily food and living land. Therefore, during this period of epidemic prevention, we rarely see tramps and beggars walking on the road. Even if we see them, they will be warned because they do not wear masks.
But depending on our products, these grassroots vagrant processing work can maximize efficiency and security. The information and situation of vagrant will be collected ,in our website. Clear and orderly data information can make the government and people
from all walks of life more convenient to carry out the rescue and reception management of vagrant