Birmingham City University Arcade Company

Meet Us!

Name: Ebenezer Kazadi
Name: Cain Ashmore
Name: Charles Kyle
Name: Joseph Bogle

Our Project

Our Project is building a bar top arcade cabinet with smart features, such as Google home, phone connectivity and RGB lighting. This arcade cabinet would play retro games.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Our project helps towards the global challenge of good health and wellbeing as the donation ability will help fund charities which will further enable them to pursue the goal of healing and bettering the health of the elderly, people with disabilities and any other group that may need the support. It will also help push the efforts to find a vaccine or other solution to the current problem facing the world at current, coronavirus/COVID-19. The arcade cabinet will have games that require and push the user physically and I believe this would help the elderly and those with motor and fine-motor disabilities as it can help them build their muscles and dexterity with the games on it. All the profits will go towards charities that help push this goal and the goal of bringing about no hunger in the world, access to food directly affects health as well. To do this, charities that fight world hunger will also be selected for the donations of the profits that this product drives.