Meet Us!

Name: Adam Islam
Digital Technician
Name: Abdulrahman Aldhahri
Team Manager
Name: Saifur Rahman
Team Programmer
Name: Musab Ahmed
Software Engineer
Name: Mohammed Hassan Tanveer
Product Designer

Our Project

Our project was to create a smart mirror that can be used in retail to help people with physical disabilities (like amputees) to see how outfits look on them without actually needing to try on the clothes. This shall be done by including all of the clothes/stock of certain store in a digital format within the mirror, those outfits can then be dragged onto a model of a customer to see how the outfit would look on the customer without them actually needing to physically try on the clothing. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, our plans were changed and our project was changed into a software-based mobile app instead. The goal of the app is still exactly the same as the mirror. The mobile app will allow users to digitally try on clothes. The app can be used on a larger scale for smart mirrors in the future.

Problem Tackled

Global Challenge 10: Reduced Inequalities

Our produced tackled to ‘Reduce Inequalities’ for people with amputations and other similar physical disabilities. Our product has done this by eliminating the struggle people with disabilities have when they attempt to try on clothes in retail shops. A member of our group is an amputee and he personally struggles to try on trousers whilst wearing a prosthetic leg, this is a large challenge for people all over the globe that are in similar situations to amputees. Some people are in wheelchairs and can’t try on clothes without help. Our product eliminates the challenge by allowing users to easily try on clothes and outfits digitally without needing to struggle physically when trying on the clothes. Trying on clothes at a store can sometimes take up to an hour for amputees, but with our project, it can take them minutes to get the same results digitally on the app.